Thursday, December 30, 2010

Katy Perry / Matt Cardle - Firework - Tyler Ward and Alex Goot (Acoustic Cover)

This video is a duet by two of my favorite male youtube artists: Alex Goot and Tyler Ward. It's a simple piano and guitar duet (with a little female vocals on the chorus) that makes for a A+ quality cover of the popular Katy Perry and Matt Cardle song. Enjoy!


  1. great videooo !!

    check this out too
    so much information on music

  2. ok well that is an awesome cover, these guys are pretty cool!!
    been finding so many brilliant artists at the mo, Sam Gray is pretty new but has been playing on the radio for a bit now and he has so wicked tunes to offer!!
    is you get a chance check him out

  3. Great video and gred song.

    I love Katy Perry, but this version is also good.